SUNDAY SCHOOL (9:00 - 9:45 AM)

There are classes available for every age group during this time. The classes are broken up as follows:

  • Birth through 3 Years: A nursery is available for your use during this time.

  • 3 Years through 6 Years: A class is taught for this age group. The materials covered are fun and exciting stories from the Bible that will teach young children the basic stories and people. This provides a firm foundation for their future studies of the Bible.

  • 1st Grade through 6th Grade: This class will instruct our elementary students the basics of Christianity. This class is wonderful for those students with questions and an eager thirst for knowledge.

  • 7th Grade through 12th Grade: This class is designed to help students be able to stand firm in their faith during the hard middle and high school years of their life. The lessons in this class will be relevant lessons designed to strengthen their beliefs in Jesus and the Bible.

  • Adult: For our adult members we offer a class run by one of our church leaders that will stimulate thinking and discussion as we learn relevant lessons that emphasize biblical truths.